Friday, 26 October 2012

The lady in the Mirror

Every day you have an issue with how you think you look. You embark on all the crazy, silly diets google is “wise” enough to offer. You keep a tab on the latest make-up products there are (so you can add MORE to your already more than enough ‘beauty regimen’), and you borrow money to buy all the designer things you can’t even afford just so you “measure up” in society. You attend all the parties in the world and mix with the “high and mighty” but you still hang your head in your pit of negative emotions. Something is still not there. No matter how much you have on you, you find more reasons as to how she’s taller, she’s slimmer, she’s with that guy, she has less make-up but she’s more pretty and so on. There is always something the next person beside you has that you feel you are not good enough to have. All of a sudden, there is trouble in paradise. 

Have you ever thought that these complexes are major distractions and road-blocks to taint your vision on what you should be doing with your fabulous life? You have so ignored that voice (of God) that speaks to you when you feel like the world is on your shoulders that you no longer hear Him. Who said we need all the physical things to enjoy life? I mean, they are a bonus but we don’t NEED them to survive. It’s not air, we will breathe. God placed all of us on earth for a purpose--which I believe is to bring people to Him in any way we possibly can--but if you don’t feel good enough according to the worlds standards, you surely won’t even try to accept that God in ALL His glory can use you in ALL your “nothingness” (tell those little people in your head to be gone).

This is a contagious diseased cycle because you will one day marry a man that thinks and believes in life the same way you do. Your children will become the same way because association either corrupts or influences. Their children get the point. Needless to say, your generation will be RAGGEDY, TRASHY, & A ROYAL MESS. 

God made every one of us according to His likeness. He didn’t favor anyone over the next. He surely could care less about how you look outwardly. Afterall, our purpose should be on eternal things, and not things of this world. We are only here for a short while. Your abilities, talents, and gifts were given to you for His glory. Don’t compare your life to the next person, because with new levels in life, comes new devils in life. You have no idea what they are fighting. Stop! Find your purpose, own it, and rock it because it will be in style forever. 

Part of the problem can even be your fault. We have been given so many choices in life. Happiness is our choice, sadness, depression, satisfaction, contentment, what we put in  our mouths, how we smell, is ALL in our hands. 
Let’s quickly look at our identity according to God’s standard, which should be ours:
*I was created for a special purpose: Ephesians 1:8
*I am secure in who I am: Ephesians 2:20
*Sin is dead in my life: Romans 1:12
*There is growth in me: Colossians 2:7
*I have the mind of Christ: 1 Corinthians 2:16
*God’s Power lives in me: Ephesians 6:10
*I am a forgiver: Ephesians 4:32
*God is my father: 1 John 3:1-2
*I’m blessed with every spiritual blessing: Ephesians 1:3
*I have a new life: 2 Corinthians 5:17

Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. You are crazy, silly, beautiful.


  1. This is the image we want the women of our generation and the many more to come to have. Bold, beautiful and filled with God's love. The society of these days tries to degenerate the mental make up of women, so therefore ladies need this kind of constant reminder of how they were carefully and beautifully made. Thanks Favor. I like this

  2. I really love all the incorporation of scripture. I'll be watching this space. Can't wait to see all that you do,..x

  3. Love you and thanks for supporting me. You mean the world to me.

  4. Wow...... True very very true Favour. This has blessed me.

  5. WOW! God bless you favor this is sound teaching...your not even trying to make it sweet for anyone it is as it should inspire me you are a blessing God bless you. true