Friday, 9 November 2012

Excuse me...NOT!

So everyone that walks this earth has a “YOLO” excuse every now and then to act a fool (ME included). We all do stupid things or try to put logic to excuse an unacceptable behavior, or that act we know all too well we should not be engaging in. “YOLO”, “life is short”, “leggo!” are words we are too familiar with. 

Indeed, life is short so let’s live it in a way that when we cross-over to the other side and we are standing in front of God we are NOT ashamed.

 I was watching a show yesterday, and one of the casts was going through a tough and hard time in her life. She lost someone very dear to hear, and has been appearing to be under the influence on the show. As much as we should not be judging, I am of the opinion that people should not be left to handle situations wrongly because something happened in the past. I will never watch anyone I love mess up while I watch them from afar. It is never okay to excuse our reality on our and death, blessings and curses have been set before us. 

Yes! God understands every situation, but in my understanding of Him which is limited I believe He has given us wisdom and free will & we will be judged through and through of our every actions. 

I can never stress the importance of strong and supporting friends enough. People that are not just in your corner to be cheerleaders (the ones that are your “yayyy!” chanters without giving you honest feedback), but to really tell you “I love you, but you are about to act a fool.” 

People that have your best interest at heart, push you towards Christ and care for you like you are part of their flesh are those we should have in our corner. I know you’re extremely hurt, woe is you, the world is on your shoulders and no one understands you, BUT before you consume that entire bottle of your only “friends” (Jack & Daniel) that don’t judge you....HoldUp! Put that bottle down, God understands.

He is jealous for you and doesn’t want to share you with anything. Remember when God asked Eve what happened to her that she ate the forbidden fruit, AND like most of us sinners she tried to play down an excuse? and she even blamed the serpent saying it deceived her; while God maybe understood the temptation, she still had to face the consequences for her actions. 

Someone once said “excuses are monuments of nothingness, and those who practice those tools of incompetence are masters of nothing.”  Learn to master your emotions. When a stupid thought pops up in your head, silence it the best way you know how. Never give in to any stupid tricks that you know better than.  

If you know anyone that has become distant and is going through something, this is a charge to reach out to them and make sure they are handling their situation in the healthiest way possible.  No, I did not say you should go and call people out with violence and judgement because that will only turn ugly and unproductive. Make sure your motive is right and your emotions are centered. 

God forbid that anyone reading this stands before God with fear and trembling, and gives GOD an EXCUSE about why they lived life on earth on YOLO sprees. Totally ignoring the fact that you know you should have been more focused on eternal things. By God, we will ALL have testimonies on how we reflected His love on everyone we came across. 

We need to stop playing church y’all. Time is ticking. We don’t got time for none of that anymore. 

Being a real Christian will not come easy. There are things your peers will want to engage in but you can’t. Everyday you wake up, you will have to KILL your flesh. You will have to renew your mind and make the conscious daily decision to live for God. At first people will criticize you, call you boring and what not, but don’t let that stop you. Care ONLY about what God calls you at the end. FORGET ALL YOU DID IN THE PAST. As long as you have repented, he has wiped your slate clean and given you a new chance to try again. 

“Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you'll recover your life”-Matthew 11:28 MSG

You are crazy, silly Beauty-FULL! (In & Out).

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  1. God bless iv tried to help this my friend maybe i didnt try enough not like im perfect but so we can both grow.....but she's sooo consumed in the world her best friend is a muslim that doesnt even believe there's God their both wrapped in their mess. i tried but it seemed fruitless sooi just resolved to pray for her. is that okay?