Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Got exhaustion?

It’s that time of the year and you are looking at your goals for 2012 but they are nowhere near completion. Nothing seems to be happening, and you are just tired of doing the same day to day activities like you are running in a long boring circle. Don’t stop...keep going. There are days when you just want to stand on the roof and scream "GOD WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?" You are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Some people have gone through so many tests and trials and CANNOT wait for 2012 to be over in the hope that 2013 will be smoother. Embrace your setbacks, they put character in you (hopefully). Who knows? maybe God is trying to “wean” you from toxic, negative & hopeless situations you can’t even wrap your mind around. 

Have you realized when a mother is bathing her infant or toddler and the baby is crying and screaming their brains off, she’s washing away dirt and dead skin cells that have no business being on the baby BUT the baby could care less and just want to be out? It’s the exact way God is trying to wash away negative emotions, fake friendships, bad character and attitudes and we are complaining, rolling our eyes, yapping at the mouth about how everything is going wrong and what not. Stop! Let God work His magic in You and trust that He knows what He’s doing. You can’t know it all, and you definitely can’t understand everything. Yes! It is extremely hard and painful to lose certain relationships and friendships especially if you invested a lot of yourself into it, but If you sit back and assess the situation you know deep down you don’t need that person or that person doesn’t need or deserve you. 

I have gotten tired with zero tolerance to listening to people who always have one complain or the other about how nothing seems to go right. I absolutely cannot stand it and intentionally ignore calls and messages from certain people I KNOW just want to drain me internally (my sanity is way more important, and I can only function properly if I am internally and externally happy so I ignore that which needs to be). Where you are headed in life, not everyone can go with you. Those that don’t make the cut will find it hard to understand and accept but as long as you are in the right frame of mind and have peace inside, let it be. Understand that whenever you place your trust in man or things and not God, He will drag it from under you because He wants to be the phone you pick up to release your issues on, He wants to be the pillow you have drenched in tears when in reality He should be your first point of contact. “Deut. 6:15...The Lord your God is a jealous God....” 

If you are going through a time of extensive exhaustion, tiredness, emptiness and so on, be encouraged. God has not forgotten. He knows your name and every hair on your head. He is working at the background. If you have been asking non stop for something and you haven’t received it, may be God knows you are not ready for it yet, or He knows you don’t need it. Believe that this very moment, right now in this very space is where you are divinely supposed to be. That situation you are going through is on your divine “to-do” list, and thank God for trusting you with so much weight. You may also be going through something so that someone else in the same predicament will learn from you. Imagine a life with no pain, no heartbreaks and no disappointments? I don’t know about you but I feel it will be boring. I surely will not appreciate the rainbows and laughter as much as I do in this sinful world. Maybe God has closed a door and you keep fighting to keep it open-goodluck challenging or playing tug-of-war with God. 

In times when “no one understands”, run to God. If you lived a life that went hard for the devil, GO HARDER now that you know a God whose love is unconditional. When you get your head knitted into God, how you view situations and life will change. Don’t let go, don’t hurt them even though it will feel good. Don’t cuss her out. Pass that test. 

It’s thanksgiving month. Get a journal and write thank you notes to God every day. You don’t have much to thank Him for? are you reading this? does your brain work enough to understand what you see? oh you’re alive and breathing! You are not on life support! WOW! Your inhalation and exhalation is FREE! You ought to praise Him. Do something good for someone else. Those pair of shoes may look good on you, but it may look better on your neighbor. Let your life and love be infectious. Make others jealous and curious to find out about the God or joy you have ALL THE TIME. Don’t run to that guy you know is below your standards because “life” happened. You are strong and in control of your emotions. 

Let’s make a vow to thank God this month. (Don’t ask for anything else, Just praise Him like not a dang thing got in your way)....He will be your strength if you pour your weakness on Him, and give you beauty for ashes too #GetYoPraiseOn. 

You are beyond beautiful. Believe.