Sunday, 9 December 2012

If you love God you will...


Yes! you know how you want to spend time with that boyfriend or girlfriend, and how you drive people crazy talking about him/her? The one that makes your heart race with excitement and what not? God wants that too. Why do we feel we should treat Him any differently? Why do we feel it's okay to wake up and say "Thank God for another day" and live the remaining 23h 59mins with no contact with Him whatsoever? Can you even imagine what your relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend will be like IF you treated one another like so? God wants your whole heart. It is absolutely okay to have conversations with Him like He's in the room ((because truth of the matter is He is)). Before you go out, ask "how does this make me look *insert term of endearment or whatever God is to you*--e.g. daddy, Lord, Dearest One-- You will realize the more time you spend being in communication with Him, the more you begin to feel connected to Him in an intimate way. 

"The more I seek You, the more I find You. The more I find You, the more I love You"-Kari Jobe.

When was the last time you cracked open your Bible and you were not seated in church? (compare with  when last you read a text/IM from your boo)-does that strike any cords?- I don't know if I am abnormal but I strongly want to be in tune with God each and every moment, or as often as I can remember. I want to be able to back up my everyday living with biblical verses. I want to know the heart of God. I want to know what makes Him laugh and what frustrates Him. I don't want to have a ceremonious approach to Him. I just want to know Him through our relationship as someone I actually love. When you are frustrated, vent to God and listen to Him. Just sit in absolute silence and tune your mind to thoughts of Him. Listen to worship music and just lose yourself in Him. ((Let me challenge you this week that instead of filling your ears with all the noise Kanye, 2 Chains, Wiz Khalifa and Nicki Minaj, listen to Jesus Culture, Mali Music, Damita & Deitrick Haddon, Kari Jobe and so on and notice a difference in how you feel after). 

There is no more time to waste gorgeous ladies. There is NO MORE TIME. That relationship with Ray is not the only thing that matters. Sleeping with him (outside a marriage setting) breaks God's heart but He still desires to be connected with you. What kind of God is this that wants to be with you even though we hurt Him? It blows my mind but I will absolutely love to keep this kind of friend that counts nothing against me. Have quiet times with God. While I'm on it let's talk about church. Yes!! The "C" word that you do not believe anyone has the right to talk to you about. You so strongly believe that you have a personal relationship with Jesus that you don't need to drag yo behind to church on sundays. WHO LIED TO YOU??? Yes! our relationships should be personal but never "private". Let's look at this simple analogy: we go to school so we can be better individuals and more productive in our workplaces right? right! In the same vein,  church is THE place to feed your spirit (which is your strongest part of your being) and to make you a better person to nurture your personal relationship with God. You cannot "love" God and sleep peacefully on sundays. It doesn't happen. A lot of us find answers to always fire back at anyone who brings up church, BUT deep down inside we know that our relationships are as jacked up as anything. Find a friend you trust and loves God (foreal foreal) and find a lively church full of The Holy Spirit, and where you are also comfortable and stay rooted. Any christian that floats from church to church needs to get their acts together. A rooted christian is established in one church. Quote me!

Our focus needs to change please. We are SO backwards and disgusting in our thoughts it's unreal. Money, clothes, shoes, cars and the rest of them should not be on the forefront of our minds ALL THE TIME! Whatever you spend most of your time/thoughts on tells you exactly where you are with God. As a mature christian or at least somewhere headed to "destination saved", your thoughts should be "what can I do to show that girl God loves her?" "how can I better his life?" "what can I GIVE that homeless person" when the focus shifts from getting to giving, we are doing something right. That also makes God's heart smile. "Then the King will say, ‘I’m telling the solemn truth: Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me—you did it to me.’"-Matthew 25:40 MSG. Imagine doing something for ALMIGHTY GOD! whew! The thought is.... Anyway, step out of yourself for a bit and love on someone else. Love on God. Find an easily comprehensible Bible like The Message, Life Application, New Living Translation and actually read it. I know our generation is deeply technological--download a bible app and be fly and glamorous while you get to know your Master.


So in a nutshell:

1). Spend time with God all the time. (have date-nights, put on candles and listen to worship, soak in a tub and just listen to Him speak. Find His voice)

2). Get a Bible that makes reading fun.

3). Re-awaken your church going self (We can't let anything count against us BECAUSE we're going to heaven.

4). Do something for someone "ignored/overlooked", and you do it to GOD.

5). Control your thoughts. Where your mind is shows where God is placed in your heart.

6). Have quiet times with God.

7). Listen to gospel music and lose yourself in the moment.

"7" is the number of completion so I will stop there. The devil is trying SO DOGGONE HARD, and working overtime these days as the end is approaching. We have to fight SO DOGGONE HARD to stay in God's presence.

"The GREATEST tragedy is to be on earth to recount the rapture" GOD FORBID that anyone reading this will be on earth after the rapture to discuss "what happened". We all have to get into Heaven.

Remain beautiful and saved. Give Love. Get Love. Nothing else truly matters.


  1. This post struck a cord with me. The other day I spent hours gisting with someone and God said to me "I can barely squeeze an hour out of you ever day." That really convicted me. Thanks for this reminder and timely word. Queen Bee

  2. Inspiring... I use to spend time with him, buh now I find it difficult. With this piece,am going back to my love Jesus. Thanks pastor

  3. Queen Bee: very often we "forget" to give God most of our time and he surely reminds us. Thanks for reading. loveeeeeee youuuu homie!

    Princess: Thank you for reading. I'm glad you have been inspired.

  4. it is good to live holy and ready

  5. Very nice indeed. i needed thus reminder, God bless