Sunday, 27 January 2013

iVow Pledge.

((Stick this in your home or write it down, and say it--repeatedly--every day to remind yourself of your commitment to God.))

I vow to be a woman after God's heart.

I will conduct my activities in a way that will reflect the God in me.

I vow to honor God with my words, actions and thoughts.

I will move and let the Spirit of God guide me.

I'm healthy in my mind, body and spirit.

My mind is free of toxic thoughts.

My body is God's holy temple. Therefore, it doesn't engage in illegal pleasure.

My spirit is desperate for God.

I vow to stay committed to living an extraordinary life.

My lips will only speak positive and uplifting words. My mouth will not be used to bash, demean or bring down. My words are like honey-Sweet and healing.

I will be a blessing to those I encounter; especially my sisters.

I will think only of what is pure, lovely and of good report.

I was bought with a price. Therefore, I am valuable.

When issues arise, I will practice self-control and be reminded of the God I serve.

I will walk in my greatness and remain the original version of myself.

I am a unique and limited edition of God's best ladies.

Yes! I am led by God. 

Feed your spirit's daily. Go broken and as you are to God and He will fix you. Start the new week right and let go of old habits that give God NO glory. Don't play with your life we are on borrowed time. It's not always easy but hold my hand (in prayer) and i'll hold yours. Let's GO!! I love you and want God's BEST for you. I believe in you. 

Friday, 11 January 2013

Yes! I Care What You Think...

Happy New Year my beautiful and powerful ladies who have nothing short of a beautiful mind, holy bodies and renewed spirits. We made it into 2013!!! Can you believe it? Guess what? Some people died a day before the new year and even after. Do not take the grace and mercy of God for granted. We can NEVER ever deserve or earn His love. Just do your best to manage and be productive with each day we have.

First and foremost how are my royal ladies doing? Is your mind right? spirit tight and ready to continue living in greatness this year? I'm sure you are. So let's get down to business today. Have you ever heard people that live their lives on the daily talking about "I don't care what anybody thinks of me" "I am answerable to nobody" and other statements that reflect a careless living and mindset? Well, I CARE WHAT EVERY SINGLE BREATHING AND MOVING PERSON THINKS OF ME.  Let me tell you why: I care because I have a name and a reputation to uphold. "It is better to be respected than to be rich. A good name is worth more than silver or gold."-Prov 22:1 I cannot (and you should not) just have a life that is after material things and external adornment (worrying and getting antsy when your hair and nails and lashes and everything else aren't "beat" the way you want it) when your insides and your internal is full of spiritual cobwebs and emptiness. Work on cultivating a good name that is respected and admired. Let people sense a magnetic connection to you and this God you claim to know.

Secondly, My life is NOT my own. Therefore what I do with it and how others around me see what I do with it is IMPORTANT. "However, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me--the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace."-Acts 20:24 We are working with borrowed time and this life we are living does not belong to us. Favor, so should we not only care what the owner of our lives think? well, yes but have you also ever been in trouble or about to be in trouble when you had a witness that could defend and testify on your behalf saying they watched you and you didn't do or say what you were being accused of? Isn't it a good feeling to have that back-up? Let's even forget about the backup. What about those that are unbelievers and they keep watching how you live? Don't you want them to be able to emulate the life you are living? Yes, we should care what people think.
Thirdly, I am the LIGHT of the world. From what I know, light is meant to illuminate and dispel darkness or gloominess. Whenever you have a dead bulb what happens to it? It is thrown away. God placed us on this temporary earth to be a bright light that shines in a dark world. When we get to heaven, best believe we will stand before this God and our light and brightness on earth will be tested. If we fall short guess what? We will be thrown away into the lake that burns with fire and brimstone AKA HELL (God forbid!!!) There is a reason why you should not be seen in the wrong places, and there is a reason why we can't do what every Tom, Rick & Harry does because our mission on earth is different. But Favor if I don't go "have fun" with them, I will be thought of as the bore and party pooper. I'm so sorry to hear that and I feel your pain but imagine going to a club friday night, saturday morning you wake up and repent to God for being where you had no business being; then you go out to witness and who do you see? the guy that was rubbing and touching all up on you the night before and watched you getting wasted to stupidity. Did you picture that? Tell me how under the anointing you will feel IF you even go to say anything at all. See? we can't go with everybody. We were born to lead and others follow.

Now don't get me wrong. Don't care what people think with regards to "she's so fat, who does she think she is? Ughh! she's so dumb I just can't stand her" and all those sort of things. In that case, only care about who God has said you are. If you are doing the right thing and living the life God gave you, don't care about the critics and the mockers and them. However, if you are living like the world and not giving a flying plate about people's opinion about you, then this is for you. Let's start the year right and shine bright like a ... You may say but I'm not perfect. No one is perfect but every single day we have to kill our sinful nature and consciously live lives worthy of God.

LAST REASON FOR NOW: "You are the only BIBLE some one will ever get to read."-Selah (pause, and think of that).

NB: I am working on an iVow pledge and affirmation for all my beautiful ladies. Just a fun reminder and daily confession that will be good to print and paste in our homes or rooms. You know the power of repetition and the more you say something the more it is committed to memory and our beliefs will shift to that thought. So it will be up soon. OUT with the negative thoughts and IN with the new.

I LOVE YOU my beautiful ladies and I BELIEVE IN YOU.
You are beauty-full. Believe NOTHING else.

Favor Omakwu