Sunday, 27 January 2013

iVow Pledge.

((Stick this in your home or write it down, and say it--repeatedly--every day to remind yourself of your commitment to God.))

I vow to be a woman after God's heart.

I will conduct my activities in a way that will reflect the God in me.

I vow to honor God with my words, actions and thoughts.

I will move and let the Spirit of God guide me.

I'm healthy in my mind, body and spirit.

My mind is free of toxic thoughts.

My body is God's holy temple. Therefore, it doesn't engage in illegal pleasure.

My spirit is desperate for God.

I vow to stay committed to living an extraordinary life.

My lips will only speak positive and uplifting words. My mouth will not be used to bash, demean or bring down. My words are like honey-Sweet and healing.

I will be a blessing to those I encounter; especially my sisters.

I will think only of what is pure, lovely and of good report.

I was bought with a price. Therefore, I am valuable.

When issues arise, I will practice self-control and be reminded of the God I serve.

I will walk in my greatness and remain the original version of myself.

I am a unique and limited edition of God's best ladies.

Yes! I am led by God. 

Feed your spirit's daily. Go broken and as you are to God and He will fix you. Start the new week right and let go of old habits that give God NO glory. Don't play with your life we are on borrowed time. It's not always easy but hold my hand (in prayer) and i'll hold yours. Let's GO!! I love you and want God's BEST for you. I believe in you. 


  1. Thank you Favor. This is inspiring.
    May God help us all.


  2. This is inspiring.
    Speaking it, till it becomes manifest.
    God bless Favor.