Thursday, 14 November 2013

Not One Of Them.

Growing up, my mother constantly had pep talks with my siblings and I. Yes! She took (and still takes) parenting extremely serious. One of the talks I recall was she trying to help me see that I couldn’t behave like anyone else. I didn’t understand why I was restricted from “acting a fool” (if you may) with my friends. I used to struggle internally at a point because I just wanted to be a normal kid. After all, I didn’t ask to be born a PK (Pastor’s Kid) right? WRONG. I now see that more than any titles or roles, she was doing this for me. It is my gain that I stayed on the straight and narrow. Not hers. Thank God for growth. Looking back, I am immensely grateful for all those talks that have formed and shaped my reality. I went through high school, and university with my mother’s voice ringing in my heart. Did I have times when I almost forgot I wasn’t one of them? Yes! But the older I got, and allowed maturity to guide me, those words intensified and thankfully began to make sense. Today, when temptation rises, I am reminded that I am not like them. 1. Cor. 6:20 “you were bought at a high price...” 

When negative, corrupt or perverse thoughts arise in your mind, remember: You are NOT one of them. 

When someone gives you a reason to curse them out, remember: You are NOT one of them. 

When you are tired of “being a Christian” (whatever that means), remember: You are NOT one of them. 

Who are “they”? 

They are those that have decided they would rather live their lives outside God’s will. It is too heavy a price for them to serve God, and so they are their own gods. They run freely through life without a care in the world forgetting that: “there is a way that seems right to a man, but the end is destruction” Prov. 14:12 They don’t believe God wants their whole hearts, but think it’s an a la carte menu that they can choose when and when not to obey Him. They are the unbelievers who have chosen their way above God’s. They are the blind that have not yet seen the fullness of God’s power. Their lives have reflected they can do life by themselves; with or without His help.

Ladies, we have seen the light, and have chosen to walk boldly in it. You are one of God’s limited edition. Don’t let anything dull your shine. Let your character in front and behind doors impress Christ. Let your speech be laced with grace. Allow your actions and reflections to be led by God all the time. Christianity is not a part-time job. There’s also no leave. You’re in it till the very end. You are Christ’s royalty. Let those around you notice a change in you and even wonder what God this is that has turned your life around.

When ANYTHING tries to interrupt your flow of Christ, whisper to yourself: I am NOT one of them.
I believe in you. I trust you. I mean well. I have your back. You can do it. Remain Beauty-FULL. Have a fabulous weekend and week ahead.


Favor O.


  1. I love thiss!,,,,,,,i will be constantly reminded that i am not like them!

  2. We are not one of them...good food for thought and it should be engraved in our hearts as Christians....I hear myself saying and telling everyone who cares to listen I AM NOT ONE OF THEM AND NEITHER ARE YOU