Friday, 4 April 2014

Within your Means.

Ever been that person or known that person who wears their clothes while they leave their house, but because they are going out with “Miss-I-got-it-better” they borrow clothes from their friend to match up to a standard they aren’t yet on? We live in such a time when the pressure to be big is at an all-time peak. Instagram, Twitter, BBM, even face to face appearances make the next person just appear to have it better or on a more elevated level than you. If we are being honest, it’s not always a good feeling. We wonder why can’t we have that life? And we forget that the person may not have the happiness and peace you have in your life. You don’t stop to think that maybe they will trade their material things for the glow and sparkle in your eyes. Or they will give it all away to experience the simplicity you are oblivious to in your life only because the noise of luxury drowns the silence of your heart. In case you don’t know, the pressure these people that have it all go through to remain on the platform they are on is not the easiest. Before they come out looking like a million bucks there are so many things involved that if you knew, you will appreciate your life better.

This is not a long post. It’s just a reminder to be at ease in the here and now. To be actively present and content with the lot life has dealt you. You don’t need the latest Louboutins or that Givenchy purse to rank up your reputation. You don’t need to paint your face in layers of make-up to mask emotions, and scars you aren’t bold enough to display to the world (like most of these people do). Your inner riches surpass every man-made thing. When God sees that you are happy where you are, and can handle your character no matter what life throws you, He will add little sprinkles where you need them most. You won’t even realize when you no longer care about the next person’s life. You will be too busy on His mission with no down time to compare your lot with the next person’s.

Love your life. Accept yourself. Refuse to live on a pedestal you know fully well you have no business standing on. When it’s your time according to God’s schedule, you will have every good thing and more than you could have ever pictured yourself. Don’t sleep with that man because he promises you things. Don’t minimize your morals to appease the greed you sometimes experience. Don’t throw God under the bus in an attempt to fit-in. You know better. So, do better.

Hebrews 13:5 NLT: Don’t love money; be satisfied with what you have. For God has said, “I will never fail you. I will never abandon you.”

God has your back. He’s in the business of protecting and loving His own.
 I love you. I mean well. I trust you. I believe in you.

Favor O.

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