Saturday, 11 October 2014

It's Okay to Not Feel Okay...

It's okay to not feel okay... long as you don't allow misery to become your home.

It's the 10th month of the year. Just two more months left and 2014 will be over. One of two things will begin to happen at this point. Either you feel a sense of accomplishment and a go-getter attitude to successfully check off the remaining items in your to-do list for the year, or an overwhelming feeling of discouragement and failure sweeps you off your feet. While it's my prayer the former is your case, the latter is the reality to most people.

You had so many goals and somehow and someway beyond your control, things just didn't pan out the way you wanted them to. Maybe it's not even accomplishments for the year. For some, so many darts have been thrown at you this year and you are running on reserve energy just to get through to next year. Loss of a loved one? Loss of a job? Feeling alone and drained by all ramifications of life? Just plain old depression and not even knowing why you're down? I can imagine, and I've been there.

Something about this low feeling makes you feel like you're not "Christian enough" and like you are shaming God for allowing this feeling take over. After all, Christians are supposed to have 365 happy days right? Wrong. Even the Bible assures us that
"I've told you all this so that trusting me, you will be unshakable and assured, deeply at peace. In this godless world you will continue to experience difficulties. But take heart! I've conquered the world." John 16:33

I'm not here to tell you to wear your superhuman cape and fly across the walls and buildings of your hurt, as if being Christian makes you immune to pain. I'm here to encourage you to go through your feelings. Understand where they are coming from and sieve through them thoroughly. While this elevates your self awareness, it also helps in allowing you go through the feelings and brings you closer to the end of your tunnel. Have you ever realised that ignoring or suppressing your feelings never really works in practical life application? It's just swept under the carpet and sooner or later in weighs you down and just knows how to take you out. So go through them. Don't stay stuck in them.

Cry it all out. Think it through. Talk about it with someone with a good head on their shoulders. Write it in your journal. Physically burn it on a sheet of paper. Do whatever (morally speaking) it takes to pull yourself through it but refuse to allow the devil move in. Above all else, PRAY about it. God knows best. Don't stay down and watch the devil. Because trust me, he will sneak in with just a toothbrush and before you know if he will move into your house and move your stuff to the garage, in your own house. So be extra careful. Cast your cares on God. He will never leave you. He just wants you to stretch out to Him and He'll pull you out. Say goodbye to the devil and go ahead to live your fabulous life.

PS: There is nothing worse than being down, and when someone is willing to help you claim "you're okay", or you're sick and someone asks what's wrong and you say "you're strong". While it's good to prophecy and speak by faith, don't lose your ground in reality. Call a thing a thing, and it loses it's power and hold on you because someone will lift you out of it when the problem is identified.

When you're done getting yourself back now go ahead and find your SuperWoman cape and strut around feeling bossy! After all, you just conquered some demons.

I love you.
Favor O.