Monday, 30 November 2015

Letters to Our Sisters.

Have you ever wanted to speak to a girl bound by the chains of prostitution, but never really had the chance to do it, or just plainly never had the courage to approach them? This is your chance. For iVow's next meet-up, I have prayerfully reached the conclusion that we reach out to our sisters and bring them into the fold of love and God that we enjoy. Most of these girls don't know better, and honestly it is so easy to sit down from the comfort of our homes and talk down at them. However, we are a girls group focused on challenging each other to live honorable lives in our minds, bodies and spirits. We must be mindful about the souls of those around us. Jude 1:23 "Rescue others by snatching them from the flames of judgment. Show mercy to still others, but do so with great caution, hating the sins that contaminate their lives."
What effect would we have if we keep our wisdom and encouragement to ourselves without reaching those that really need saving, right? So, just how will we do this right? It's simple:

As many as will like to participate will each:
-Write a simple and easy-to-read 1-page letter to a lady. (This letter must not be preachy because it's easy to get defensive when you feel "talked at" rather than talked with. So a simple, encouraging letter that seeks to connect with them as human beings, and not people "living in sin" is the guide. Each letter should communicate the power she possesses as a woman, and that she is loved, valued and cherished from another girl. This letter should be handwritten, because it's more personal and thoughtful, yes? However, if you know in your heart that  your handwriting requires grace and 20/20 vision please type it out and email it to and I will have it written out LOL!!! (This also allows those outside Abuja/Nigeria to participate in the letter writing, so no one is left out).

-In addition to the letter, and as Christmas is fast approaching, I believe that it will be in order to include our resources just as an extra touch of love. I don't know about you but I personally enjoy receiving letters or cards that have something in it :D (don't front, and act like you don't have a clue!) So as many as can, let's each put N3,000 (or whatever you can provide) in the envelopes with our letters. Hebrews 13:12 says "Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God."  I just believe it's easier to connect with them when we offer more than mere words. Sometimes, the deliverance a person needs is in our hands and not in our mouths. However, if you don't agree with it, or will do it grudgingly please don't participate. This is for a select few who have chosen to live a higher life, and reach out to others with all the resources they've got...time, prayer, wisdom, and money. Forreal! 

How will we go about it?
-On Saturday, the 12th of December, 2015 we will meet together as a group and there will be a brief talk/session on a selected topic. Also, to focus our minds on the bigger task that lies ahead. After the talk, rather than a large number of people going out, a group of about 10 people will physically go out to distribute the letters on the streets. This is for security reasons of course. We will pray as a group before we go out. Meet-up points and more detailed information will be communicated subsequently. We will walk in twos, and hand out the letters and whoever needs prayer or needs to talk will be listened to. 

On Sunday, the 13th of December, we can assemble for brunch just to share our experiences and talk about what we felt and such. (This is not definite yet).

PS: Safety is ensured as it won't just be 10 ladies walking the streets at night. We will employ the presence of strong men to watch our backs, so fear not! LOL.

So, does this sound good or what??? I'm excited about it. Really!!! We can't change the world but we can contribute at making it better one person at a time. Who knows? Our own healing can come from reaching out and touching those that need healing themselves. 

I look forward to this next event. I love you all. Mean it! Remain beauty-FULL!

Favor O.

Monday, 9 November 2015

The Right Time to Love (Guest blog by Florence Young).

Song of songs 8:4
” Promise me o women of Jerusalem, not to awaken love until the time is right”
Whoa!!! I wish I understood that immediately.
For two nights, somewhere in me was rummaging over this profound, true and real it is.
But I'm wondering, is it like when you see a dog sleeping and you disturb it, it barks nonstop and the noise is just so overwhelming and eldritch?...No! not good enough.
Is it like fire, you ignite a small spark and it spreads till it turns to danger? fancy a bit.
The Bible describes love as fire, “love flashes like fire, the brightest kind of flame. Many waters cannot quench love neither can rivers drown it.”
So when i spark the fire, no quenching, no running...? I will sure enjoy the warmth, but i also should be able to withstand the heat and unfailingly, the burns.
I thought of the sun. Whoa! The sun rises and it sure sets, but we have to wait on it to rise and set regardless of how hard we try to speed the process.
However a man plans and strives, he must await the night process before he sees the sun rise, and he must pass through the day before he sees the sunset.
The Bible says there is time for everything. There is surely the time to love.
Perhaps we should wait to pass through the processes that eventually lead us to the right time when we can withstand this love. This love is so powerful it is likened to death.
If you awaken love at the wrong time, be ready to get burnt. The flames will blacken out your skin, the scars will linger. The pains are unbearable. Girl!!! when the fire burns out, you would wish it consumed you instead.
Why women? Because women have power. The power it takes to ignite love, to put love to sleep and do even more dangerously powerful things.
A wise woman therefore will in her wisdom, know when to awaken love and when love should sleep. Or else, whatever comes of it, she will surely bear the consequences which in most cases, she cannot run away from. The consequences might sound so funny as though there's a resistance to it. You may feel that you have seen the worst of it but I want to remind us that each hurt we experience in life especially emotional hurt doesn't come with less pain. It's always a new and fresh cut, but how we pull through the pains makes determines our strength. For love is as powerful as death and we all are victims.
Women have all it takes to arouse a man, in the words of Kenny Rogers, “you have got the kind of body that was made to give a man a lot of pleasure." We have the power to ablaze the flames of love but a woman must know WHEN to awaken love, to spark this fire.
Song of Songs 8:10
“I was a virgin, like a wall: now my breasts are like towers”

A tower is a place of defence for protection. Towers usually protect castles-magnificent mansions.
A wall depicts security.
A woman should build a wall around herself to protect radical entry that can crumble down her castle before her very own eyes. A strong tower to shield her walls. A wall-less woman in this age and time is sure to throw her value away with her own hands. We don't want to give our value to underserving  people who have no concept of value for themselves; let alone to even place value on you.
We live in a society where value depreciates and fades but women, whatever God values can never be depreciated by man. Its up to you now, to choose your criterion. God, anytime any day and forever is the best criterion i assure you.
My declaration is “my heart, my body must be earned by one who knows the true cost of love”-Michelle Hammond
Have an AMAZING week ladies, and remain beauty-FULL!!! I love you. Mean it!
Favor O.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Rowing or Sailing?

Sail: /seɪl/

"a piece of material extended on a mast to catch the wind and propel a boat or ship or other vessel."

Row: /rəʊ/
"propel (a boat) with oars."
So often we find ourselves sick and tired of being sick and tired. We find new ways to do things but not long after, we get tired and weak and weary. After we've exhausted all our options and used all our tools from our toolbox THEN we run to God. Isn't He such a good God that even while we use our strength acting like we know it all, and place Him as a last call He still sits high and looks low on us waiting for us to just give Him a chance, just an opportunity to work His magic? There are those who have turned their backs on God simply because after they hit rock bottom, in the hope that all their cares will immediately be lifted once they "tried God," their problems didn't disappear. In fact, they started experiencing new tests. They can't believe that this GOD will let their "perfect and innocent" selves suffer. A popular misconception people have is that the bible says "God won't give you more than you can handle." This is in fact NOT biblical. God never promised to make our lives rainbows and roses once we follow Him. Instead, He promised in Isaiah 43:2 
"When you go through deep waters, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown. When you walk through the fire of oppression, you will not be burned up; the flames will not consume you."
Who told us we are the end-all-be-all of our lives? Where did we get the idea that we need to believe in ourselves and have the right strings to pull and all will be well with us? If God made us that way, there would not be one person that will follow Him because we would boast in our strength and abilities. Our heads would get so big that God will no longer have room to reign and rule. So, He created us to function best when we decrease and put our trust in Him. We have adopted the habit of comparing lives of seemingly "godly" people to measure the might of God. The moment something goes on with them, we immediately start to doubt and question the Omnipotency (all-powerful/might) of God. If Pastor X is going through this, how then can God be God? We turn our gaze from God and look at mere mortals as if they don't have blood running through their veins. We forget that these people also are at the mercy of God's grace, and like everyone else they constantly need to rest in God.
Have you ever rowed a boat? Even if you haven't I'm sure we've all seen water sports where the competitors work their arms as they row the boat to the finish line. You can see the exhaustion and fatigue on their faces as they row because it demands SO much from the body. In the same vein, have you been in a boat or at least seen boats that are sailing? Nobody rowing, just the wind pushing the boat to the desired destination. It can be related to life. There are so many people that have tried to row the boats of their life. They have used all their connections and intellect and "know-hows" to pull a few strings here and there, and they always fall short. Then, there are some others who have identified that sailing is a much more appealing option. Now, they are aware that rowing can potentially be quicker, but sail boats have the capacity to carry heavier weight, and are less demanding as no physical strength is required. Sailing also gives the advantage of experiencing the beauty of the water and beautiful scenery we often would ignore when we are "too busy" rowing.
If only we would dare to float on the ocean of God's grace, and create beautiful memories as we take in the beauty of the nature all around and trust that His purpose will be the wind that propels us to where He created us to be, life would be a breeze. If only we learn to be grateful for each step higher He brings us up to. If only we would throw in the towel and fall at our Maker's feet in the hopes of Him using His power and might in a way that only He can. If only we dare to be human, and allow God be God. I don't know if anyone has had enough of life and doing things their own ways, and are looking for what next to try? Try God. Psalm 32:8 says:
"The LORD says, "I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you."
Jeremiah 33:3 promises:
 "Ask me and I will tell you remarkable secrets you do not know about things to come."
You were created for God, and by God and as long as you continue trying to figure out life on your own, you will ALWAYS fail. Rest in Him and let Him stretch in you. God's got you.

God loves you senselessly. And so do I. Mean it. Remain beauty-FULL! 
Favor O.

Monday, 26 October 2015

iVow's First Picnic!!! (+ Photos)

After all the planning, contemplations, doubts, prayers, sweat and excitement, the picnic finally happened!!! This was a day that brought on so many nerves for various reasons, checking in with people every now and then to make sure it was still a good plan, and general concerns here and there. I knew it was something I needed to do as it was a goal for 2015. It got me thinking about the heart and purpose of iVow. Why did I even start this blog? What prompted me to start blogging for ladies? And the more I thought about my "why," the more I was energised to carry on the plans God had laid in my heart.

The day started with prayer. I needed to check in with God one more time to make sure it was His will. As I got the release, I went into last minute run arounds. Picking up orders, setting up the venue and general behind-the-scenes. Alas, clouds started to gather and it was threatening to rain. RAIN?! God, where was rain in the plans you had for the day? Will the first meet up be an epic fail? Was I not listening to you after all? What if no one shows up? I had so many questions, and so many reasons for my heart to be let down, but I maintained focus and kept going. I was determined to enjoy every last second of my day even if only one person showed up. After set up, one person came, then another, then two others, and so on. They trickled in bit by bit! Isn't it so amazing how God honors us when we choose to honor Him? This day wasn't about me, so God had to show up and show out. 

We had SO MUCH FOOD!!! Everyone came with something to share. We gathered together and said a brief prayer to kick off the day. Then we had ice breakers to get to know each other and loosen up, and we ATE! (LOL everyone loves this part you know!) There's just something about food that makes people excited and ready to mingle. There must be a spirit behind it! haha. People started chatting and mingling with each other. (I was secretly nervous about everyone really getting comfortable and relating with each other....because, girls! But that was thrown out the window pretty quickly). Once everyone was done eating, we played some games to keep the fun going then came my favorite part of the day. We played a game of "Spin the bottle," with a twist. If the bottle stopped at you, you had to share your "come to Jesus" story or an experience life has taught you or a weakness you have not yet confronted. What was amazing was the ease at which everyone felt as they shared vulnerable moments. The Bible verse "Where there is no guidance a people suffer, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety" (Proverbs 11:14) came to mind. It was a very powerful time as everyone huddled together in a judgment free atmosphere and spoke life into the person and encouraged the speaker with tips on how to live free in this world that makes living right tough. Nothing like friends that push you towards Christ in love.

"Love one another with brotherly affection. Out do one another in showing honor." Romans 12:10

There was so much love around, you could feel its strong presence. There were skipping ropes and hula hoops and balls to play with but everyone seemed content with conversation. My heart could explode! God truly showed out. 

At the end, all 21 ladies took away packs of food as there was a lot of leftovers as well as souvenir mugs that had the iVow logo and a promise on the side (iVow to love/iVow to trust/iVow to purity) and everyone loved them. It made an already perfect day a bit more exciting, so I give God ALLLLLL the glory for having my back and walking with me through every step of the way. If you want to be a part of our groups that will be meeting frequently, send me an e-mail at and I'll let you know how easy it is to join us.

(We were supposed to write commitments we planned to make after our discussion on the banner above, but time was far spent before we remembered to. Smh! There's always next time though)

The pictures don't even do the day justice. it was one of those days when you lay down in bed and felt like you could go to sleep feeling fulfilled, content and satisfied. Thank You Lord God Almighty for every second of the 24th of October 2015. You sure know how to blow my mind!!! May my life be a vessel you can use. I am willing Lord. Send me.

Have an awesome week Ladies and remain beauty-FULL! I love you. Mean it.

Favor O.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Announcement: iVow's First Picnic!

It's iVow's first meet up/launch event and I can't be possibly happier than I am to finally bring this dream to life. I have been comfortable just sitting behind my keyboard to type blog posts in the hope of striking a chord here and there in the hearts of the readers. However, a time must come when you must move out of your comfort zone to achieve more and hopefully impact more.

So, the picnic will be on the 24th of October. Barely two weeks away!!! Eeek! It is open to all ladies, so if you're in Abuja, each one bring one please. It will just be a time to talk about the vision of iVow and spend time together playing games, girl-talk, food (please bring something to share), and just learning to really love each other. Short story: I attended a birthday dinner of a friend some time back, and I met someone I hadn't seen in a long time. She smelt really nice and I couldn't keep it in, so I complimented her and she gave me the strangest look. I was confused and started to wonder what I said wrong, or maybe did she hear wrong? She saw my confusion and went on to tell me she just was not used to girls complimenting her. Strange, but it's the world we live in. You know it is often believed girls are antagonistic to each other. It shouldn't be. Let's change that. Shall we? Come out in your numbers lets have some fun.

There is a catch:  The first 20 people get in free, but subsequent guests will be required to pay N1000 at the gate (it goes to the garden and not my pocket, so keep calm! lol).

I can't wait to see you all! Also, please keep the picnic in your prayers. Let's not take anything for granted. Have any ideas for the picnic to make it better? Please email me at Suggestions are always welcome. Thanks and I look forward to seeing you all there.

Have an amazing week. Remain beauty-full. I love you. Mean it!
Favor O.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Iron Sharpens

Proverbs 27:17 "As iron sharpens iron, so does a friend sharpen a friend."

Have you ever noticed how after discovering something new--maybe restaurant, store, or product--you're initial reaction is to call your friend and tell her? Or how nice that meal tastes when someone else is eating it with you? or how something automatically becomes a level funnier because you're in the company of your friend? We were wired and formed to be relational beings out of God's image. Friendships are so vital whether we acknowledge it or not. Jim Rohn rightfully stated that "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." Who you are today is a major revealing factor on the association you entertain (this is the point when you should either hang your head in shame or smile with pride lol). What does your company tell about you? Friends are like elevators, they either take you up or down. Don't deceive yourself into thinking that you are in more control over your friendships than you really are. Don't look at any relationship as "casual," because to an extent, you morph yourself into a version of yourself--usually one that is acceptable and applauded by the person you are speaking with--when you interact with some people. So, you either go up or down. I heard a while ago that it is easier to pull someone down from a chair, than it is to pull them back onto the chair.

Growing up, I had all kinds of friends. I had someone to call when I needed to go somewhere. I had another one when I wanted to stay home. I had those that added to me, and of course those that took from me. It was such a confusing stage where you're not entirely sure who you want to be, so you try to have it all. There comes a time when you know in your heart that the life you're portraying isn't really who you want to be and so you start to rid yourself from companies that distract you from your goal. The older you get, the more focused you become and the easier it is to gravitate to some people, and withdraw from others. NB: Don't think that because you had that 1 friend, you are forever joined to them and must keep them in your inner circle for old times sake. Love them from a distance especially if they leave you less than they met you. People should qualify to own a spot in your life. It's THAT serious! You are the manager of your life, and you will give account.

Do your friends expose the sin that you're unaware of? You know after living in your body for all these years, you may exhibit patterns or characters that don't do too much for you but you're unaware of (like a blind spot), but having friends that lovingly expose these areas to you to ensure you grow are a blessing from God. Proverbs 27:6 "Wounds from a sincere friend are better than many kisses from an enemy".It's not always comfortable and palatable to be shown areas you're weak in, but like medicine it makes you healthy. Do you let your friends get into your business? Or you have a "respectable" relationship where you're all there for laughs and everyone minds their business. After all, nobody's perfect right? No! As iron, you should be deliberate in making sure your best selves are produced from your fellowship together. Any friend that always tells you what you want to hear and massages your ego is not your friend. You might as well get pom-poms for them to be leader of your cheerleading squad. You don't need them. Equally, be the friend that wants the best for your friends. Don't bite your tongue because your afraid their little feelings will be hurt. You are there in their lives to love them, and sometimes love isn't rainbows and ponies. It's tears, and hurt, and disagreement, but growth. 

Since you got with your friends, have you gotten closer to God? Can you truly say that you're more like Him now? What are your #FriendshipGoals? These last days we face can be too heavy a weight to carry alone. There are times when you just want to throw in the towel and be like the world because life can overwhelm you to no ends. However, with a friend that's on the same page as you, it's easier to walk through this journey and be reminded that though the way is long together you can make it. It's just an easier task to accomplish when you have a support team in anything. When you know someone gives you the nod of approval, or that message that reminds you you're doing well, your happiness is sustained and you find new reasons to keep going. Friends uplift the soul. What roles have you allowed your friends push you into? Have you had to dim your "light" when you get with your friends? You know, keep God comfortably tucked into bed when you're going out to hang out with them? Or are your meet-ups moments where you excitingly discover aspects of God you never knew, and engage in conversations that bring God glory? Do you have that friend that you can call and say "I've had a long day, please just pray for me?" Ultimately, will your friends make fun of you or downplay what you value? Ensure you are on the same page.

Be a quality over quantity person.Be friendly to as many as possible, but keep your circle small. Jesus fellowshipped with multitudes, and was "everyones friend" but at the end of the day He had His disciples to retire the day with. You may say that good friendships are hard to come by. Maybe this is true because you have increased your expectation in people and lowered your expectation in God. You have learnt to rely and depend on people so they hurt you easily, or have a say in just about everything that concerns you. Go back to the drawing board, and decrease your expectations in human beings. We fall short every single day because we are in a fallen world. Put your trust in God who is perfect and without blemish, and prayerfully sharpen one another into the image of God.

Have an awesomely amazing week guys. I love you and always mean well.
Favor O.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Letting Go Of People Bondage.

Why do you do the things you do? Whose voice do you hear when you are about to make a move? What's driving you? What's your motivation?

People bondage comes when you no longer make decisions based on your convictions, but based on the convictions of the crowd. This crowd can be one person, or many people. You are driven by the desire to be in everyone's good book. God forbid anyone has anything to say about you, because you work tirelessly to please...people. These are people uncomfortable with standing alone. Everything they do must be what the others do. Why do you buy the clothes you do? Because it's "in?" Or because it'll increase your likes? Most people that like your pictures on social media like them for very different reasons. Don't be the scapegoat for peoples amusement. People pleasers are marked by the follower syndrome: comfortable following and never really leading. Their whole identity is controlled by whoever's opinions of them. No good footing for the self, but drift like the wind based on external pressures. It's almost like "let me please people who I can see, and whenever I see God, I'll please Him too."

Growing up, I knew this girl that suffered from people bondage. She would dress one way, and change her clothes when she got with her other friends to "fit in" with the crowd. She was almost a walking puppet of her friends. Whatever they demanded of her, she did without reservation. Forgetting her identity in Christ, and that she was ENOUGH just the way she was. Whoever's opinion you are bothered about the most is an indication of whose slave you are. You know those kinds of people that can't make simple decisions like what hair style to make or what shoe to wear without calling someone else to give the green light? Now, don't get me wrong getting advice and counsel is great and wise, but not when you can't think for yourself.! Not when everything you do comes from the approval of others even when your convictions are different. Never give them people a chance to replace God. Do you inconvenience yourself for the approval of God, or for the approval of mere mortal? Will you defy God's values just so you can sit with the "cool kids?"

"Don’t put your trust in mere humans. They are as frail as breath. What good are they?"
                                                                                                           -Isaiah. 2:22

This  controlled life is destructive and must be adjusted. Living in people bondage will have you throw God under the bus consciously or unconsciously. You will find that with every decision you take, you are inching away from God's ideals for you. It will also create imbalance in your life. Who you are at your core, and the life you exhibit will be at loggerheads. While your conscience says you should do XYZ, your outward expression is 123. Also, Christ died to free us. Free us from oppression and bondage. He died to give us freedom to live for Him. Not freedom to be pawns for every other person that is trying to figure out their own lives. Don't be scared of losing people just because you are trying to gain your independence from them. Don't fear seasons of loneliness. These are times when God is pulling you back to Himself.

Are you suffering from this syndrome? Do you want to be ruled by God? You must first accept and acknowledge you are bound. Years ago, I battled internally with people pleasing. I wanted everyone to like me, or at least have positive things to say about me. Starting this blog even, I was very hesitant because I didn't want people to put me in this "holier than thou" box. I didn't want to be on any pedestal. I battled for a while. There came a time when I had to answer Who I was living for. Whether for men or God. I had to remember that one day I was going to stand before God, and let Him know if I obeyed Him, and not my little friends who didn't think a blog for God was "cool."

You must remind yourself of your identity in God. Who does He say you are? Seek validation in Him. He will sustain you. People pleasing is exhausting. There will be so many voices and opinions in your head constantly. You won't know true peace. You won't even have an established relationship with God because you have allowed yourself to be controlled by people and things. Your identity will be blurry. You must realise that people will ALWAYS have an opinion about you. Whether you do their will, or God's. So you might as well run with God Who has promised you rewards. If you don't know what to do, ask God! He gives wisdom FREELY. Forgive yourself for allowing to be used by people. Now pick up your mat, and walk! 

I love you for real, for real! (God loves you more though!)
Favor O.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015


TV in the background. News everyday of what's wrong in the world. Calls of worry, gossip, requests, idleness. Instant messages of importance and otherwise. Social media telling us what's trending and how we are falling short, and every other notification that keep our phones beeping and ringing. Relationships we have no business being in draining us of life and strength. Let's not forget the internal conflicts we have with ourselves. You know when you try to go to bed and, the voices in your head are SO LOUD that you can't hear yourself think so, you stay up an extra hour or three than you really should? We find that we're in more problems than we usually have. We just don't get ourselves anymore. We have let the world choke our essence that we are becoming unrecognisable. The world is in a constant flow of noise inducement from all angles. What can we do? Will we stay in the flow of the world and let it keep sucking the life from us as we become expert complainers and whiners, or will we look for another way that will restore us back to the Cross?

Phew!!! It's almost feels like one should just run away and relocate to an island somewhere far away without a sound in your ear just so you can remember what peace feels like. Because honestly so many of us have no memory of what sanity and peace feels like. SO MUCH is going on in us and out of us. Directly and indirectly that it's so hard to stay at the feet of Christ. We are swayed and dragged in so many different directions and if we're being honest it's harder to trust and believe. We need to UNPLUG!!! Yes! We need to quit some things. Turn off some things. Silence some things. Shut out others. We need to constantly withdraw ourselves from this dark world and plug into Christ DELIBERATELY. We must constantly make it a habit to withdraw from the world at least 30mins (AT LEAST) every day and just sit with God in total silence and listen to Him speak. Truth is, He is always speaking but we are too closed in the world that we don't even hear Him anymore.

We are in a marriage with God. The church is His bride, and He's the bridegroom. Jeremiah 3:14a "Return, O faithless children, says the Lord, for I am Lord and Master and Husband to you..." Since we're in a serious covenant relationship with Him, we have to remain faithful to Him and not jeopardise our loyalty with Him for this world. When our love tank is empty (when we've spent an extended time away from God) we tend to yield more to our flesh and we act out without control because we've strayed from the One that keeps us in check.

How To Unplug:
* Find an area you can be totally alone (Yes alone means without distractions from your phone and every other gadget and person). This can be in your room, in a car, in your bathroom or anywhere else that you experience comfort, and ease. Decorate a space with pillows maybe to make you relaxed. Also, that the goal of tranquility is achieved.

* Get a playlist of gospel music that lifts up your spirit and leaves you feeling "connected" to God (Not secular music that makes no sense and beats that distort your inner peace). Listening to worship just has a way of centering you and bringing you back to God's heart. It sets the mood.

* Find a journal you can write down what you hear God say to you and things you want to say to Him (frustrations, prayers, testimonies-Just anything you want to say from your heart to His ears)

* Get a Bible you understand and actually enjoy reading (I personally use the New Living Translation-Life Application Study Bible). I love this Bible so much!!! Study! Study! Study! learn.

* Learn to be SILENT! Disconnect from the world. You know those people that always have "jist" for you and you find you're becoming a chatter-mouth as well? Yeah, unplug from them too. Check your peace and make sure it's a priority.

Start to take your life serious. Filter what goes into your heart. What are those things that whisper fear and doubt and shame to you? Those things that make you feel inadequate and insecure. It's time to evict them. Colossians 3:2 - Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth. We think we are just having fun with most of the things we do, but we must be deliberate in how serious we deal with ourselves. Unplug everyday! Make it a fun experience. Include Christ in your daily life. You need Him more than you think you do. 

Before you go on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook, make sure you've plugged into Christ so that you spread just positive vibes, and carry His message with you. God is SO in love with you. "He will keep in PERFECT PEACE those whose mind is stayed on Him..."

I love you so much! (& God Loves You MOREEE!!!)
Favor O.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Who Will Tell Them?

So it's July and the year will soon run out...and we would have forgotten all our new year resolutions and goals. We would have complained a ton, cried a ton, judged a ton and still not won souls.

What is it with the divide of religion and the world getting wider and wider?

All of a sudden, all we care about is minding our business and following our God in our little bubbles, and neglecting the fact that a major part of our Christian-walk is to bring others into this amazing life we are enjoying. We sit on social media bashing and dragging every soul in the dirt who goes against what we believe in. Have you ever sat down and called yourself out? You know, have a moment with yourself and "check you?" Have you ever wondered Who will tell them?

The world seems to be getting successfully more worldly, and the church is doing an amazing job on being "Churchy", but who will leave their comfort zone and reach out to the ones who are in between? The ones who don't feel like they belong in the church, and the ones who don't feel satisfaction in the world? We have even gotten so comfortable living the life that "they" live, forgetting that our walks are different, and we are on a higher calling. Let's do better!

We are all guilty (myself included) of living narcissistic lives and not giving a rats tail about the next persons soul. We have failed in flying colors in being our brothers keepers, and we ought to feel shame about it.

Let's go back to being heaven-minded and storing treasures for ourselves in heaven. Let's leave this world alone. It's not ours in the first place. We do too much for this world and not enough for where we are retiring to. To be forewarned...

I love you. Mean it!

Favor O.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

No Pressure

//Pres.sure [presh-er]//

To force (someone) toward a particular end; influence.
The state of being pressed or compressed.
Harrassment; oppression.

Lets admit it. There’s SO MUCH pressure around us these days. From social media to friends, family, work and even ourselves. Yes! We contribute tremendously to the pressure that we face on a daily basis. Our self-talk can either be our blessing or our curse. All of a sudden “likes” and “retweets” and “followers” somehow matter in the grand scheme of things. It’s a cold world for all of us. You get bashed for sleeping around, and you get bashed for being a virgin. You are pressured by Instagram/BellaNaija to get engaged when you don’t know the issues the admired couples deal with. You are pressured to get to the top of your career ladder so fast that you want to speed your process illegally. You are pressured to join FitFam, but you don’t want to be skinny. You are skinny and everyone asks if you even eat, or how you will carry a baby.

Why has our appreciation for physical and material things spiked in relevance? We all know the pressures we face everyday. We know those thoughts that keep us up at night. We begin to compromise our beliefs, values and standards to portray the appearance of the “cool kids”. No longer are cutting corners, or changing figures an issue for us. After all we have to use what we have to get what we want. We stray from who we fundamentally are into a realm of assumed multiple personalities. We get to a point where we don’t recognize where we are, or how we even got there. We compare seasons. The grass begins to look greener on the side of that unbeliever that has had multiple abortions, club-hops on the weekends, curses and has no regard for God. Then we on the other side of the grass, who do daily devotions, attend every church service and strive to stay on the straight & narrow are experiencing life in slow motion. We have mastered the art of masking our pain publicly, but are mentally screwed up. There’s no help for us because we believe nobody will understand what frustrates us the most. We are done waiting for God’s time (if He is even there). Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. We have these thought patterns and conversations with ourselves in and out of time.

Something I’ve come to realize is that God never rushes greatness. There is a process to the harvest that God has for us. It is then up to us to wait for its manifestation and its timing. The things that God has for us who wait on Him cannot be fathomed. He knows our pressure firsthand, and so in compensation, He delivers GREATLY. Don’t compare seasons. Rest in yours. You’ll find that all along He knew what He was doing, and He hadn’t abandoned you. If you plant maize and you plant yam, both harvests will come, but the harvest time will not be the same. The quality of the harvest will be determined by the timing. There is a battle for your life, and you don’t have the luxury of letting the devil win. You can’t afford it. So actively control your self-talk. Replace the words and the voice of negativity with that of positivity. Don’t approach your life casually or nonchalantly.

Affirmations are important. What you tell yourself is what you will believe. What you believe will shape your thoughts. You thoughts will shape your actions. Multiple times a day tell yourself repeatedly:


The next time someone comes at you talking sideways, look over at him or her with a smile and reply: #NoPressure 

I love you and I mean well.
Favor O.


Friday, 10 April 2015

Frequent Flyers (Part 1)....Guest blog by Pastor Wale; FWC

You may have sometimes at the airport seen some people with several visas in their passports. Their luggage is covered with stickers and name tags of different airlines. They usually have a lot of stories to tell of their experiences in different countries and cities - their meals, culture, people, style, architecture, festivals, etc. They are called Frequent #Flyers!They are well respected for their ‘exposure’ and even airlines (in cases where they use the same airline) reward them with free miles, hotels, and class upgrades.

The other side to these frequent flyers is their conflict of preferences, unrealistic exotic tastes, neglect of some important relationships, the trappings that surround new adventures(e.g., a desire to try new (sometimes immoral) things), and the relationships that come as a result of undue exposures to all kinds of Cities, Citizens and Civilizations.
It is an enviable life, but it comes with its hang-ups; and until you get into that world, you will never see the seductive allures, only the glamor and prestige.

However, I am not talking about plane travels to some exotic island in the Caribbean, adventures to winter-sun beaches in Hawaii or to wildlife hotspots in the Serengeti. No! I am talking about SERIAL DATERS, single men who are constantly on a ‘love trip’ but with different partners. You can’t bet on them keeping the same relationship for two months. For them, a relationship is an excursion, an adventure, a daring exploration of new shapes and sizes, of new cultures and clans (I mean of ladies), of tans and tones, of varying manners and make-ups.

Imagine with me…

He’s cruising down the Boulevard in his 'matte black' Mercedes Benz ‘G-Wagon.’ He sees this cascading long hair on a well-sculpted, out-of-Cosmopolitan magazine, beauty by the roadside. She flaunts a captivating pose and an irresistible smile, and she flags down the car. He finds it hard to resist. He decelerates and comes to a halt just two feet away from her – it is an ‘easy’ first impression. There is a liking and there is a falling. Things seem to work out quite quickly. Call him a ‘player’ if you want. He’s skilled in systematically dating an obscene number of women in a short span of time… And before you could breathe in and out, there is a relationship. Everything is rosy; there are twinkling stars in the sky! She’s sure,“This is the one who is to come,” then, a thunderbolt hits. The relationship starts going awry for no apparent reason and then one day, he calls it off. This is his 3rd relationship in7 months.

He is a classic frequent flyer. He lacks the capacity to hold down a relationship. He has been with too many ladies and has too much experience, which becomes a standard with which he measures every new one. Frequent flyers like the thrill of a new relationship, but find it hard to manage the challenges of one. For some of them, it is a sport; a competitive game, and they derive a sense of satisfaction by how many balls they can ‘throw in the net.’ However, for their unsuspecting ‘victim’ it is a harrowing experience – the heartbreak, the dashed hopes and expectations, the feeling of abandonment, and the shame.

They start relationships so well with smooth words, constant phone calls, introduce you to friends and parents, talk marriage…and then they walk away. If you are unlucky, they collect your money, use your car, exploit your contacts, run down your business, and then...THE EXIT!

I pray you never fall into the arms of a ‘Frequent Flyer.’

Many frequent flyers don’t like this pattern. It has become a ‘controlling’ stronghold and they constantly live with the fear of getting married, because they 'see' that it may end in separation/divorce, aware of their inability to ‘hold it down.’ In fact, every serial divorcee is a frequent flyer.

Their reasons range from mere sport, to mindsets/philosophies, and to psychological patterns. 

1.  Bad experiences in past relationships can make a guy be wary of holding down new ones, and to be intolerant of the same issues he saw in previous relationships.

2.   Some people just like 'flings' and adventures; they simply move on after they’ve had their ‘kick.’ Like real-life frequent flyers, they like to ‘visit new cities and tourist sites.’

3.   Some get easily infatuated. They don’t think through their decisions, they strike a friendship immediately they meet a lady and by the next day, they are in a relationship. They are a bit spontaneous and somewhat irrational. They say, “I acted too soon.”
They start a relationship, thinking it is their final destination. But within weeks, they get bored and they realise it is just a stop over and are soon on their way to catch a connecting flight.

4.   Sometimes, it is their ‘mental checklist’ of qualities in a spouse that becomes the problem. It is like having a holiday getaway brochure and you find it hard to make a decision about a particular place – because it lacks what another place has. This checklist makes it difficult for them to stay in a relationship because sooner or later, they will find out that a ‘key’ requirement is not met.
(To be continued...)

Written amazingly by Pastor Wale Afelumo 
Facebook: Pst Wale Afelumo
Twitter: @WaleAfelumo (Go Follow him! He has amazing tweets. It's worth it.)

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Using Your Gifts For God

What are you good at doing? What gives you ultimate pleasure? What is that thing you can do without being paid for it? What is that thing that gives you an edge over people? 
We have been given individual gifts from God, and whether we are conscious of them yet or not, they are in there somewhere. It may be poetry, helping, singing, cooking, giving, speaking, listening, dancing, and so on. Whatever we do for God brings tremendous pleasure and glory to His name. There is an inner discomfort we get from doing things that focuses the glory on ourselves. After running around in circles, and meeting closed doors here and there, we finally settle on doing God's will. Why do we feel like we can control our lives, and we know what's even best for us? Why do we think we can tell the Creator just how to use what He created?

Our gifts were given to us to serve and help others come to the knowledge of God. Someone's destiny is connected to your gift and talent. You cannot be selfish in how you choose to live your life, because lives are connected to yours. Someone may come to know Christ through your unique gift. Think about the bigger picture always. On judgement day, how you use your gifts or the lack of usage will be assessed by God. We will ALL give account.

Don't be trapped in living for "tomorrows" and procrastinating when you will indeed start using your gifts for Him because tomorrows never end until time is up. You know that thing God placed in you for His kingdom, and you've been ignoring and suppressing it, or even using it for self benefits and giving glory to the devil; It's time to use it properly and as instructed. If used for other things, they will only last so long before they start destructing you and yours. As they say, when a thing is not used properly abuse is inevitable. 

1 Peter 4:10 "As each of you has received a gift (a particular spiritual talent, a gracious divine endowment), employ it for one another as [befits] good trustees of God’s many-sided grace [faithful stewards of the [a]extremely diverse powers and gifts granted to Christians by unmerited favor]."

Don't abuse the gifts God gave you. Don't let Him for a second regret giving them to you in the first place. So what if it's not popular? God made you for HIS pleasure, so get out of your feelings and start living a life that releases sweet-smelling aromas to Him. The time is NOW! GOOO!

Lord, I apologise for everyday I lived to please myself and refused to give you glory. I acknowledge that you are God over my life. Today, I commit to living a life that brings You ALL the glory. I may fall, but please be patient with me. I'm ready to be used.

I love you. Mean it!
Favor O.