Thursday, 15 January 2015

From My Heart to The Heavens

Lord, please give me a heart humble enough to listen to your direction for my life this year. Let me quiet my fears and doubts and give way to your will for me. Teach me to have a servant's heart so that whenever opportunities arise for me to touch and heal and speak to situations I will be totally under your covering. I don't want to come across as perfect or righteous; leaving a sour taste in peoples mouths when I am in fact walking through grace and mercy.

Give me a heart that is eager to forgive. So many people spit out words that weigh heavily on a person, and if in fact the tables were turned they wouldn't be able to carry, but help me to see beyond their words. Help me to identify that they may be broken and need healing themselves. Give me a sensitive spirit, eyes that see past the physical, a heart that knows just where it hurts so that I can minister your love in and out of season. When I receive criticism, let me be humble enough to accept it and look within my self as I strive to be a better me.

Let my life be a missions field for you, Lord. Through me, let people see that your love is available for them. Let my associations bring you glory and honor. Let my circle of influence burst with rays of light and love. I refuse to be just like anybody else. I refuse to continue the pattern of selfishness and it's-your-life-not-mine-so-deal-with-it mentality. Let me be graced enough to put other's need above my own at all times according to your will. I am committed to being the best version of myself everyday, as I allow you lead me. I will give you the keys to every door in my life, so you know you are in charge. 

When adversity comes, fortify my heart as a wall so that I will be able to stand strong, and firm. I give you permission to quiet my insecurities and speak life to times unsure. I just want to be like you in every moment. I want my character to reflect that indeed You are my God. Give me strength to remind myself Whose I am, and power to regurgitate Your words back to memory when life threatens  me enough to forget. Help me to stand firm and be a light in this present darkness. 

When You are ready to return, let my life be ready to return with you. Restore unto me the joy of my salvation, and renew (every second of every day) the right spirit within me, so I can see the big picture and not lose myself in moments where the devil will get glory out of me. I am willing and prepared under your  grace to be used by you. Here I am Lord. Send me!

Favor O.

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