Wednesday, 29 July 2015


TV in the background. News everyday of what's wrong in the world. Calls of worry, gossip, requests, idleness. Instant messages of importance and otherwise. Social media telling us what's trending and how we are falling short, and every other notification that keep our phones beeping and ringing. Relationships we have no business being in draining us of life and strength. Let's not forget the internal conflicts we have with ourselves. You know when you try to go to bed and, the voices in your head are SO LOUD that you can't hear yourself think so, you stay up an extra hour or three than you really should? We find that we're in more problems than we usually have. We just don't get ourselves anymore. We have let the world choke our essence that we are becoming unrecognisable. The world is in a constant flow of noise inducement from all angles. What can we do? Will we stay in the flow of the world and let it keep sucking the life from us as we become expert complainers and whiners, or will we look for another way that will restore us back to the Cross?

Phew!!! It's almost feels like one should just run away and relocate to an island somewhere far away without a sound in your ear just so you can remember what peace feels like. Because honestly so many of us have no memory of what sanity and peace feels like. SO MUCH is going on in us and out of us. Directly and indirectly that it's so hard to stay at the feet of Christ. We are swayed and dragged in so many different directions and if we're being honest it's harder to trust and believe. We need to UNPLUG!!! Yes! We need to quit some things. Turn off some things. Silence some things. Shut out others. We need to constantly withdraw ourselves from this dark world and plug into Christ DELIBERATELY. We must constantly make it a habit to withdraw from the world at least 30mins (AT LEAST) every day and just sit with God in total silence and listen to Him speak. Truth is, He is always speaking but we are too closed in the world that we don't even hear Him anymore.

We are in a marriage with God. The church is His bride, and He's the bridegroom. Jeremiah 3:14a "Return, O faithless children, says the Lord, for I am Lord and Master and Husband to you..." Since we're in a serious covenant relationship with Him, we have to remain faithful to Him and not jeopardise our loyalty with Him for this world. When our love tank is empty (when we've spent an extended time away from God) we tend to yield more to our flesh and we act out without control because we've strayed from the One that keeps us in check.

How To Unplug:
* Find an area you can be totally alone (Yes alone means without distractions from your phone and every other gadget and person). This can be in your room, in a car, in your bathroom or anywhere else that you experience comfort, and ease. Decorate a space with pillows maybe to make you relaxed. Also, that the goal of tranquility is achieved.

* Get a playlist of gospel music that lifts up your spirit and leaves you feeling "connected" to God (Not secular music that makes no sense and beats that distort your inner peace). Listening to worship just has a way of centering you and bringing you back to God's heart. It sets the mood.

* Find a journal you can write down what you hear God say to you and things you want to say to Him (frustrations, prayers, testimonies-Just anything you want to say from your heart to His ears)

* Get a Bible you understand and actually enjoy reading (I personally use the New Living Translation-Life Application Study Bible). I love this Bible so much!!! Study! Study! Study! learn.

* Learn to be SILENT! Disconnect from the world. You know those people that always have "jist" for you and you find you're becoming a chatter-mouth as well? Yeah, unplug from them too. Check your peace and make sure it's a priority.

Start to take your life serious. Filter what goes into your heart. What are those things that whisper fear and doubt and shame to you? Those things that make you feel inadequate and insecure. It's time to evict them. Colossians 3:2 - Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth. We think we are just having fun with most of the things we do, but we must be deliberate in how serious we deal with ourselves. Unplug everyday! Make it a fun experience. Include Christ in your daily life. You need Him more than you think you do. 

Before you go on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook, make sure you've plugged into Christ so that you spread just positive vibes, and carry His message with you. God is SO in love with you. "He will keep in PERFECT PEACE those whose mind is stayed on Him..."

I love you so much! (& God Loves You MOREEE!!!)
Favor O.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Who Will Tell Them?

So it's July and the year will soon run out...and we would have forgotten all our new year resolutions and goals. We would have complained a ton, cried a ton, judged a ton and still not won souls.

What is it with the divide of religion and the world getting wider and wider?

All of a sudden, all we care about is minding our business and following our God in our little bubbles, and neglecting the fact that a major part of our Christian-walk is to bring others into this amazing life we are enjoying. We sit on social media bashing and dragging every soul in the dirt who goes against what we believe in. Have you ever sat down and called yourself out? You know, have a moment with yourself and "check you?" Have you ever wondered Who will tell them?

The world seems to be getting successfully more worldly, and the church is doing an amazing job on being "Churchy", but who will leave their comfort zone and reach out to the ones who are in between? The ones who don't feel like they belong in the church, and the ones who don't feel satisfaction in the world? We have even gotten so comfortable living the life that "they" live, forgetting that our walks are different, and we are on a higher calling. Let's do better!

We are all guilty (myself included) of living narcissistic lives and not giving a rats tail about the next persons soul. We have failed in flying colors in being our brothers keepers, and we ought to feel shame about it.

Let's go back to being heaven-minded and storing treasures for ourselves in heaven. Let's leave this world alone. It's not ours in the first place. We do too much for this world and not enough for where we are retiring to. To be forewarned...

I love you. Mean it!

Favor O.