Friday, 3 July 2015

Who Will Tell Them?

So it's July and the year will soon run out...and we would have forgotten all our new year resolutions and goals. We would have complained a ton, cried a ton, judged a ton and still not won souls.

What is it with the divide of religion and the world getting wider and wider?

All of a sudden, all we care about is minding our business and following our God in our little bubbles, and neglecting the fact that a major part of our Christian-walk is to bring others into this amazing life we are enjoying. We sit on social media bashing and dragging every soul in the dirt who goes against what we believe in. Have you ever sat down and called yourself out? You know, have a moment with yourself and "check you?" Have you ever wondered Who will tell them?

The world seems to be getting successfully more worldly, and the church is doing an amazing job on being "Churchy", but who will leave their comfort zone and reach out to the ones who are in between? The ones who don't feel like they belong in the church, and the ones who don't feel satisfaction in the world? We have even gotten so comfortable living the life that "they" live, forgetting that our walks are different, and we are on a higher calling. Let's do better!

We are all guilty (myself included) of living narcissistic lives and not giving a rats tail about the next persons soul. We have failed in flying colors in being our brothers keepers, and we ought to feel shame about it.

Let's go back to being heaven-minded and storing treasures for ourselves in heaven. Let's leave this world alone. It's not ours in the first place. We do too much for this world and not enough for where we are retiring to. To be forewarned...

I love you. Mean it!

Favor O.

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