Sunday, 13 September 2015

Iron Sharpens

Proverbs 27:17 "As iron sharpens iron, so does a friend sharpen a friend."

Have you ever noticed how after discovering something new--maybe restaurant, store, or product--you're initial reaction is to call your friend and tell her? Or how nice that meal tastes when someone else is eating it with you? or how something automatically becomes a level funnier because you're in the company of your friend? We were wired and formed to be relational beings out of God's image. Friendships are so vital whether we acknowledge it or not. Jim Rohn rightfully stated that "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." Who you are today is a major revealing factor on the association you entertain (this is the point when you should either hang your head in shame or smile with pride lol). What does your company tell about you? Friends are like elevators, they either take you up or down. Don't deceive yourself into thinking that you are in more control over your friendships than you really are. Don't look at any relationship as "casual," because to an extent, you morph yourself into a version of yourself--usually one that is acceptable and applauded by the person you are speaking with--when you interact with some people. So, you either go up or down. I heard a while ago that it is easier to pull someone down from a chair, than it is to pull them back onto the chair.

Growing up, I had all kinds of friends. I had someone to call when I needed to go somewhere. I had another one when I wanted to stay home. I had those that added to me, and of course those that took from me. It was such a confusing stage where you're not entirely sure who you want to be, so you try to have it all. There comes a time when you know in your heart that the life you're portraying isn't really who you want to be and so you start to rid yourself from companies that distract you from your goal. The older you get, the more focused you become and the easier it is to gravitate to some people, and withdraw from others. NB: Don't think that because you had that 1 friend, you are forever joined to them and must keep them in your inner circle for old times sake. Love them from a distance especially if they leave you less than they met you. People should qualify to own a spot in your life. It's THAT serious! You are the manager of your life, and you will give account.

Do your friends expose the sin that you're unaware of? You know after living in your body for all these years, you may exhibit patterns or characters that don't do too much for you but you're unaware of (like a blind spot), but having friends that lovingly expose these areas to you to ensure you grow are a blessing from God. Proverbs 27:6 "Wounds from a sincere friend are better than many kisses from an enemy".It's not always comfortable and palatable to be shown areas you're weak in, but like medicine it makes you healthy. Do you let your friends get into your business? Or you have a "respectable" relationship where you're all there for laughs and everyone minds their business. After all, nobody's perfect right? No! As iron, you should be deliberate in making sure your best selves are produced from your fellowship together. Any friend that always tells you what you want to hear and massages your ego is not your friend. You might as well get pom-poms for them to be leader of your cheerleading squad. You don't need them. Equally, be the friend that wants the best for your friends. Don't bite your tongue because your afraid their little feelings will be hurt. You are there in their lives to love them, and sometimes love isn't rainbows and ponies. It's tears, and hurt, and disagreement, but growth. 

Since you got with your friends, have you gotten closer to God? Can you truly say that you're more like Him now? What are your #FriendshipGoals? These last days we face can be too heavy a weight to carry alone. There are times when you just want to throw in the towel and be like the world because life can overwhelm you to no ends. However, with a friend that's on the same page as you, it's easier to walk through this journey and be reminded that though the way is long together you can make it. It's just an easier task to accomplish when you have a support team in anything. When you know someone gives you the nod of approval, or that message that reminds you you're doing well, your happiness is sustained and you find new reasons to keep going. Friends uplift the soul. What roles have you allowed your friends push you into? Have you had to dim your "light" when you get with your friends? You know, keep God comfortably tucked into bed when you're going out to hang out with them? Or are your meet-ups moments where you excitingly discover aspects of God you never knew, and engage in conversations that bring God glory? Do you have that friend that you can call and say "I've had a long day, please just pray for me?" Ultimately, will your friends make fun of you or downplay what you value? Ensure you are on the same page.

Be a quality over quantity person.Be friendly to as many as possible, but keep your circle small. Jesus fellowshipped with multitudes, and was "everyones friend" but at the end of the day He had His disciples to retire the day with. You may say that good friendships are hard to come by. Maybe this is true because you have increased your expectation in people and lowered your expectation in God. You have learnt to rely and depend on people so they hurt you easily, or have a say in just about everything that concerns you. Go back to the drawing board, and decrease your expectations in human beings. We fall short every single day because we are in a fallen world. Put your trust in God who is perfect and without blemish, and prayerfully sharpen one another into the image of God.

Have an awesomely amazing week guys. I love you and always mean well.
Favor O.

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