Monday, 11 January 2016

Dear You.

Dear Survivor. You came this far regardless of the days when pain seemed like a weight too heavy to carry. Times when memories crushed all the life you have left, you fought through tears and weary and hurt. Remember nights that refused to turn to morning, but as soon as you shut your eyes to make time pass there was a ray of sunlight piercing through the blinds as you reconnected with light and morning. Those scars that brought you to your knees will one day tell your story of the beautiful and resilient warrior you are. Thank you for not giving up, and shutting the book before the story was finished. Thank you for wearing strength and honor with grace, and for digging deep into your reservoir of courage to push through each day, even when pushing meant crawling.

Fearer. How did you let time pass you by while you were held captive? You woke up with shivers down your spine at the possibility of another day that brought along a unique set of uncertainties. You lived a half version of yourself because fear securely held the other part of you. You fell head first into worry and anxiety and didn't give life your full potential, but somehow you remembered it won't always be like this. You remembered that God didn't give you a spirit of fear...(2. Timothy 1:7), and that if you called on Him, He will answer... (Psalm 55:22). You decided to give fear an eviction notice and began to live the life God designed for you without apology. I see you! I'm proud of you.

Past. You're so bold and have a way of sticking out your ugly head at the worst times don't you? The moment you saw us soaring and living the sadist in you couldn't take it so you tried to break us down. You tried. Kudos! For so long we tried to hide you, after all who would love us if they really knew or were exposed to our scars? Who would like the unfiltered version of us? While time will reveal the one worth showing our shame to, we have decided to acknowledge our past. Yes! We had moments we aren't proud of, but we refuse to be labeled by negativity. We can't fix you, but we know that all the while God wanted us to give him our cares so that in His might and ability, He would fix them. No longer will we cringe at the memory of you because the shame we once attached to you has been defeated. We hold onto the beauty that is today, and embrace the promise of hope. This is goodbye. Forreal!

Dear Future. Our time has come. We don't know what you hold, but we rest in the One that is able. We are dedicated to pulling out our best selves and fighting through each day. On days when we seem unsure and not fully trusting, we will find God in the stillness and quietness of our hearts and make it. If God gave it to us, we have enough grace to walk through it. Every day we spend alive is a promise of hope, and another chance to get it right. We may never be 100% fearless based on the unknown, but at least fear knows it's not our boss, and definitely not welcome in our lives. If anything, we fear being outside the will of God. We are committed to the journey ahead, but please be nice to us. If you decide not to be nice, sit back and watch us create a masterpiece of what's left of us. WE'RE COMING FOR YOU!!!

Favor O.


  1. This is goodbye. Forreal! - I like.
    Simple, yet profound and true. I relate.

  2. This is goodbye. Forreal! - I like.
    Simple, yet profound and true. Everybody can relate with everything written. - I relate.

  3. Thank you. I take 3 things from your blog. 1. Past is the school that graduates one to be a success or failure. I choose success 2. Today is a currency that must be used wisely for good profit not liabilities. 3. Hope is the holder and strength for faith to do it's part in me.
    I blog too. You may want to comment:

    1. Nice!!! Those are key lessons we must always keep. Thank you.