Friday, 20 May 2016

What's Your Distraction?

Lately, there's so much crazy all up in the air. So many things to complain about, and not enough time to really sit back and acknowledge what's going right. If we really check it, there are grounds to complain based on facts and figures, but is that really why we are here?

Are we allowing the times to dictate our praise? are we moved by what we see? Not for the believer, and definitely not for an iVow lady. We don't base our worship on situations. It's an unconditional state of mind. In and out of season our worship remains uninterrupted. So because our little plans are not going according to what we projected and imagined we shift the anger to God as if He sent us in the first place. All He really cares for is that we seek His kingdom and His will in all things, and He will take care of the others. You know your life more than I do, and you know where the shoe hurts. What in your life are you allowing to distract you from sitting before God and surrendering to Him? Is it that job that sucks the life out of you, but God forbid you quit because you need to maintain status? or is it that relationship that dishonors God in every single way but it's God's will for you to be married so you'll manage with the lot you've assigned to yourself? What really is worth you compromising God's place and presence? These are real questions.

The distractions in this life are never going to stop, so when do you plan on restrategizing?


I love you! mean it. Don't let anything distract you from what matters most. As Tasha Cobbs said: "PUT A PRAISE ON IT!"

Favor O.

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  1. What used to be simple is now overly complicted that a lot of peope lose sight of the very reason why we are created.
    For me, the best way to deal with distraction is to treat it as if it doesnt exist - ignore it totally!
    Good questions, good write-up.