Friday, 18 November 2016

Dress For Success.

So let's talk about it.

I'm so done with where the world is with regards to dressing. I'm so tired of all the photoshopped bodies that cinch in waists and plump out butts. I'm tired of the "selfies" that show us parts of "self" we have no business showing the world. I'm done with "dresses" that barely cover vital parts and leave the rest all hanging free and wild. Social media has sold us a lie and we have bought it without even stopping to get a receipt. It has become cool somehow to wear one outfit that is bodycon-cut-out-low-back-plunging neckline-above-the-knee at the same dang time. Like we leave our homes and are literally naked. I'm still trying to decide whether we actually leave the house like that or we just dress up and take the picture for Social media for some likes. What's worse are the comments. HUMAN BEINGS LIE!!! You will see people hyping these pictures that leave us far from covered all commenting #Goals, "Yaaaaasssss!" "You slay!" and so much more, but at the drop of a hat, these same people will gather together in a circle and tear down your entire being. Yes, I know we shouldn't care what people say, but is it worth it to destroy our witness though?

I don't know about you but my own body is God's temple. It literally doesn't belong to me. I am just a manager. It is my responsibility to take care of this temple and watch what I allow it do. We are stewards of all that God has given us. Besides, what's the point of showing what you don't intend to share? We advertise our bodies and then have the nerve to be offended when an illegible customer cares to buy. Guys are VISUAL BEINGS!!! Who is your audience really? You talk about wanting a serious relationship and settling down, let's check your social media and see what your closet is saying 'bout that. What really is your motivation when getting dressed? Is it to cover up insecurities you have by trying to convince the world you are worth something? We like to say that we are dressing for ourselves but can we be honest? How hard do we truly believe that? Let's be real. I like to feel good when I dress up. I like getting compliments because who doesn't. Now don't get me wrong. We have received freedom from Christ undoubtedly, but 1 Corinthians 8:9 rightly states that "you must be careful so that your freedom does not cause others with a weaker conscience to stumble." This freedom we have received is the enablement to live beyond our fleshly desires. If we are all being real, even I struggle at times with what my flesh wants because there are just some clothes that just speak to you. It's a battle. 

As a Christian lady who is intentional about her walk with Christ, I am very deliberate about my outfits. Earlier this year, with a group of others I was opportune to facilitate a group for the recovery of addicts (of all kinds). It was then that I became really conscious of my outfits (especially if I was leading the class). I didn't want unnecessary attention on me, or to hinder their progress unnecessary. I couldn't be standing in front of a group of men who were struggling with lust, and telling them to respect women because they are valuable (while I stood there looking far from credible). 

There is a time and a place to channel your inner vixen (save it for your husband, not bae). You may be asking just how you should dress. I can't give you do's and dont's because that's not why I'm here. It's not a dress code, but an attitude of the heart. You have the Holy Spirit who does a good job of checking people. When you put something on, the Holy Spirit starts checking you and then you start adjusting the outfit as if the fabric will stretch enough to where it needs to be. Let's listen to Him. We don't need to prove anything to the world. We aren't here for that. We aren't here to draw attention to ourselves, but to God. We are valuable. Always have and always will be worth more that precious gems. It is not okay (never has, and never will) regardless of what society, social media, and everyone else that influences you. This is not a long post to talk down at you, but to encourage you to rise up and take your place as the godly woman that looks elegant, stylish and classy. You can show other ladies that it is in fact possible to look good while covered. #CoveredIsTheNewNaked. (Why not?!) If you intend on getting married, it's also a good time to start looking the part before you get there just so it's not too hard a transition. Forget what "celebrities" say on dressing up, partying, fetting drunk, kissing strangers and what not; encouraging 20-somethings to live young and wild and free. There literally is no time for that. Besides, we will account for every action made on this earth. Your man will put some respek on you when he knows you carry yourself like you're worth something. Except of course your man isn't jealous enough to care what you look like, and doesn't mind you exposing your body parts...which I doubt, but hey! who knows. Let's get back to the place of looking LIT (while being covered of course). We can't influence the world by trying to look like it. There must be a demarcation. I'm here for looking good any day--on a budget LOL. 

~Modesty is the new elegance. -Coco Chanel.

Love you ladies. Let's get back to dressing right and looking like a bag of money, shall we?
You are beauty-full!

Favor O.

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  1. I'm always quick to say that I'm not a very religious person. I believe in God and his greatness, I believe in faith and being good, but religiously, I'm blissfully ignorant and this may not be a good thing I know but for now that's fine. Your post is a reminder that you don't have to be a believer to do the right thing. I used to blame social media for all our troubles but the truth is this generation is full of narcissistic personalities and that is the big problem.