Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Scared of the Dark.

For some reason, I don't remember ever being scared of the dark--even as a child. Strangely, I find solace and peace there. I can sit in a room with the lights off and be totally comfortable and at peace. I understand that some people experience fear of the unknown, uncertainty, the anxiety that comes with the inability for vision. The same sounds we hear--without worry--during the day can totally rattle us at night in the dark. There is something about light and illumination. There is something about clarity and the ability to see. There is comfort in predictability and control.

I can't help but wonder how as Christians, we sometimes experience "dark" seasons. Times where we can't see God, or hear His voice. Doubt, uncertainty and fear suffocate the faith, stamina and grace we need to navigate in the face of darkness. Maybe we weren't designed to have all the answers. Maybe our next move is totally up to God, and when we are mature enough to handle our next level He will shine light on it. What if God wanted us to hold onto Him as tightly as we hold onto our will? Could it be that your cries for wanting more for yourself are only echoes that bounce from your lips to the wall, because you have refused to get up and fight for more? Don't let this world sell you a lie long enough that you start to believe this is how your story will end. God is light. If you've made a home in the dark, it is probably because you have missed your steps long enough that the reflection of God has been hidden in the dark.

Memory recalls one of my secondary school experiences. During "evening prep," (where the students were to have an hour or two of study in their classes) all will be well and the evening will progress as planned until NEPA decides to cease the light. Immediately and almost rehearsed, girls will begin to SCREAM!!! I mean yelling on top of their voices. Of course, our interpretation for the scream was that it allowed the boys know the exact location of the girls so they could be inappropriately touched (while the girls screamed in an attempt to appear like they didn't want any of such games-even though we all know the true story LOL). In retrospect, it is true that we attract what we fear. If these girls sat quietly in their seats, these boys won't know their locations. If they learned to enjoy the down-time that darkness sometimes allows, maybe fear would have lost its voice.

In times when it seems like God is distant, and we are left alone in a room with darkness thick enough to choke us, it could do us good to learn to breathe easy and allow God be God. We already know seasons don't last forever, so with that perspective in mind we must put down our ammunitions of control, fear of the unknown, and our flags of hopelessness. Discover the beauty of your littleness compared to the bigness of God. Learn the art of waiting on God like never before. Celebrate little rays of sunshine that pierce through every now and then. Find your voice of hope right in the midst of it all. If God as "All-Knowing" as He is allowed you to be in this season; in this moment, and in this dark, there's a good chance he knows you can't handle the light he has prepared for you just yet. So the darkness is for your protection. Rather than curse the very day darkness swallowed your strength, praise Him for the light on the other side. He won't put you through it just for the fun of it. So, the thicker the darkness, the brighter the light and glory at the end.

This too shall pass.
Favor A.

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