Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Vow To Do Better.

(This was my opening "speech" at The iVow Conference 2018). You're welcome :)

Vow: a solemn (characterized by deep sincerity) promise.

Every day of our lives we commit to things consciously or unconsciously. Our lives are collections of choices—some big, some small. Your choices push you closer to who you want to be, or push you further away from her. We are in the era of the rising of the woman. “She” is emerging and becoming all over the world. What part are you playing in our collective success or suffering? You are either pulling us up or bringing us down. We are a unit and so your choices affect the rest of our sisterhood. “Walk with the wise and become wise; associate with fools and get in trouble. Proverbs 13:20”

We have wasted enough time being down and on the ground. Elevation doesn’t come from nowhere. You don’t become by doing nothing. Every 24hrs before you is an opportunity to glorify God and make a contribution towards purpose. Every breath is a promise from God that He’s not done with you. Sitting in this room is a lot of purpose, potential, capacity and promise. The reality is only a few people have harnessed the power within and have fearlessly pursued their purpose.

Comfort should be your enemy. Comfort will have you satisfied and content with a 9-5 that gives you a predictable end, but not enough to solve the world’s problems (or even your neighbor’s problems). Refuse to have just a birth certificate, school certificates and a death certificate. Commit to a life of fierce progression towards your God-inspired goals. Let the world notice your absence when your time on earth is done. Refuse to be ordinary. Take charge of all God has entrusted you with, and multiply it. Some of us have created lanes for ourselves that God never endorsed us to create, so we keep running in circles and get upset when God doesn’t bless the mess.

Seek to discover that where you are is for you. Don’t waste another second of your life failing God or running a race you have no business running. You may need to get rid of some baggage to run lightly towards your mark. Your purpose may require a silent season of not really knowing what’s next, but God probably just wants to spend time with you. Sit at His feet and be content until He instructs you to move. There will be tests along the way to know where your heart truly is. Commit to a life of focus and shut away anything that distracts you or threatens your values and convictions. The iVow woman is focused and closed-minded. Focused on who she is supposed to be, and closed-minded to anything that negates her call or journey. Where you need to be will be actualized only when you start making the right moves and doing all it takes.

Success and healing always comes through community. Every “great” has a secure network and a village that holds them together. On your journey, you may need to reach out and hold the hand of your sister to ensure she doesn’t fail or fall. Women will scarcely be empowered until women genuinely care for each other. Every now and again you will need a familiar voice whisper in your ear that, “You’ve got this!” So, make a vow to be all you were created to be. Make a vow to stand tall and shine in the midst of darkness. Make a vow to be your sister’s keeper. Make a vow to treat your body as God’s temple. Make a vow to occupy all the streets marked out for you. Make a vow to be a relevant child of The Living and True God. Ultimately, make a vow to be like God, and we will make it together. Finally,someone said: "Have a soft heart and hard feet." A heart that reaches out in love and compassion, and hard feet ready to fight for the cause of many because we are a collective humanity.

I love you. Mean it!

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