Monday, 15 October 2018

God of The In-Between.

Life as we know it is beginnings and endings. Life is what tends to happen in the in-between places. The in-between is often uncharted waters and a lot of transition, deconstruction and waiting. It’s the space between getting rid of the old and trusting God for the new. It’s silence and uncertainty. It’s torture and frustration and questions. It’s incubation and rebirth. It’s standing at the intersection of drawing from your memory bank of God’s promises or battling unbelief about who He said He is or will be for you. It’s choice and decision.

The expectations we have can sometimes be so blinding that we lose focus of all we ever knew, and we abandon ourselves in active doubt and constantly appeal to memory to help us remember our true north. Expectations will always be the thief of joy. There are moments when God gives you His silence and still demands your full attention. He may be leading you out of an old place but not really showing you directions to the new place. In this moment, you must consciously make an effort to believe that God is right in the midst of it all, and in every microscopic detail of your life. That He is entwined in the seams and has His faithful hand over you. In the victories and failures, hills and valleys, the big and small, and the hard and easy-He is right there. He’s in the doctor’s office when you get that bad report. He’s at work with you when that nasty email comes and sucks the life out of you. He’s in your parenting when you feel overwhelmed and under water. He’s in your marriage when your spouse is acting all kinds of foolish. He’s there. He’s there. He’s right there and He’s got you. “The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.”-Psalm 37:23

Martin Luther King Jr said, "The ultimate measure of a person is not where they stand in moments of convenience, but where they stand in moments of challenge, moment of great crisis and controversy."

It has never been our job to figure out how we’ll get to the new place. Our only job has been to keep putting one foot in front of the other and trusting wholly in the promises-that He will direct our path (Proverbs 3:6). I want to see God in everything I get to do. If I can see Him in the mundane and monotonous, I will fall deeper in love with Him in an unimaginable way. When I see Him in it all, I know everything will change, and awe will swallow up the stress and overwhelmed that may naturally consume me. I know that this walk of faith will have me caught up in moments of blindness where sight was comforting and trustworthy before I was called to fall with abandon into God. I rest in the assurance that God knows my needs and He knows best on how to work out the details. He was with the Israelites as they traveled to Canaan. He was with Mary as she received word of carrying life in her inside. He is and will continue to hold our hands as we progress through life. “He is watching to see that His word is fulfilled.”-Jeremiah 1:12.

Fall in love with the God of the in-between and fall into a new life of loving Him even more.

He is mindful of you.
I love you. I mean it.


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