Hooked on Prayer

Hello sisters!

Welcome to this new page. Hooked on Prayer came to me while I was just laying down and listening to God. As soon as the idea came I became super excited because it wasn't my idea, it was God's. So what is Hooked on Prayer (HOP)?

HOP will be an online prayer chain every 1st Saturday of every month. For now, we will just create a group chat on WhatsApp and that will be our "venue" for our meeting. I just sense God calling us ladies to develop a deeper prayer life with Him, and what other way to generate immense power except through prayer, right?

So how will HOP work?
If you are a lady searching for a deeper prayer life, or just want to pray among other ladies then this group is for you. Let's try and bring in as much ladies as we can. Tell your friend to tell her sister to tell her cousin to tell her neighbor to tell her niece about this.

Once we have enough people, we will start the group chat and after we get to know each other I will put down a list of prayer points (and you will have equal chance to offer prayer points you will like joint agreement in), and we will pray from where we are. Don't roll your eyes there, it will last for 15mins ONLY! So just find a place in your room where you will be HOOKED on PRAYER :)

#Gratitude: I am SUPER thankful for technology because now we have a place to "gather" without leaving our houses. 

Does this sound amazing or what?
So go ahead and e-mail me at ivow4real@gmail.com and I will then hand out the number for the WhatsApp group chat. You can also offer suggestions on how else to make it more fun and such. Don't forget to get as many people as possible to offer our voices up to God (at the same time).

This will be fun I kid you not. We are extraordinary right? So let's take it up a notch will you?

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